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Art Spiegelman

Sam Lewis June 9, 2007 I chose Art Spiegelman for my hero and role model paper. He is a graphic artist specializing in comics, who is best known for the graphic novel Maus, and winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Graphic novels use the comic form to tell a story. Art Spiegelman is a child of Holocaust survivors. Maus was the …

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Jan and Antonina Zabinski

Jonah Lieberman Flint May 16, 2009 When I looked up the words hero and role model, here’s what I found. Hero: “A man/woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his or her brave deeds and noble qualities”. Role Model: “A person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people”. A hero …

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Jorge Posada, Abe Lebenwohl, and Andy Warhol

Jonah Garnick December 1, 2007 After going through the process of finding and extracting my family values and exploring my family background, I then had to find my heroes and role models in life. Along with my values, my heroes and role models might change over time but I tried to find the ones that I think would stick with …

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Remedy, Rebecca Reynolds, and John Beltzer

Jason Cheskis April 2, 2005 A hero is someone who makes life better for others through great achievements. They can be noble or courageous, but don’t have to be. I view a hero’s accomplishments to be more than what an average person would choose to do. Most people could be heroes if they put their laziness aside for a while. …

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Reflecting on Various Possibilities

Gabe Zimmerman December 20, 2008 Identifying a hero/role model was the next part of this Bar Mitzvah process, because it helps you think about people whom you may wish to emulate and whose lives can help guide you. First, I had to think about what a hero and role model are. A hero is someone who you admire for doing …

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Barry Scheck

Ethan Bogard September 13, 2009 Let’s be very clear, Roger Federer is my role model. That backhand, the perfect serve placement, the angle volleys, the cool headband and the 13 grand slam titles. But they wouldn’t let me use Federer as my role model. Not sure why? Something about my core values? So, I went back and reviewed my values, …

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Billy Crystal and Amy Goodman

Daniel Segan June 6, 2009 The line that separates a hero from a role model is thin. Both represent superior behavior and judgment. Heroes like Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi are 2 tremendous people who‘ve made a huge difference in the world. They dedicated themselves to the belief that one can make the world a better place to live …

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Sandy Koufax, Hannah Senesh, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Benjaim Weitz September 9, 2006 I would like to talk about some of my heroes and role models, who were also trailblazers and inspirational leaders. I didn’t choose them because their values matched mine, although some of them did. I chose to talk about them because I was inspired by what they did and the way they lived their lives. …

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The Mythbusters – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman

Benjamin Sternhell June 17, 2006 As part of my bar mitzvah study, I had to pick a hero or role model to talk about. This isn’t as easy as it might seem. To me, a hero is someone who is really helping the world in an important way. I thought about this a lot, and many people—like Mom, and my …

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Hank Greenberg and Deborah Batts

Ben Farber May 12, 2007 From thinking about values that are important to me, I have come up with two special people. These are people who I look up to, admire, and aspire to be like. A hero is someone who you look up to, without thinking that you could ever be like them. A role model is someone that …

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