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Silverstein Family Values

Sophie Silverstein May 9, 2009 I’ve been shaping by personal values since the age of five, when my mother and I joined the City Congregation and I first started attending KidSchool, which emphasized Jewish values. In preparing for my bat mitzvah, I’ve looked at my world, who I am and what’s important to me, and I revisited my values, highlighting …

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Frank Family Values

Sabrina Frank June 16, 2007 As I talk about my family values, I am referring to about 20 interviews I had with members from both sides of my family. I am also referring to my analysis of the behaviors of those in my family that I did not get to interview. People in my family value aspects of education, cultural …

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Zimmerman Family Values

Family Values by Kyra Zimmerman November 18, 2006 To identify my family values and beliefs for this essay, I gathered ideas by talking and writing to my family to see how my relatives values may have impacted me. I would like to thank them for all their help and I feel very lucky to have so many family members to …

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Nourok Family Values

Danielle Nourok October 21, 2006 Everybody has different values, but it seems like people within a family often have the same values as each other. And these values get passed down through the generations. The main values in my family are compassion, family, truth, community, and education. Both my mother and her mother, Grandmother Helen, believe in compassion, which in …

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Olken Family Values

Alanna Olken November 5, 2004 Values to me are like a guideline to life. Whether I am in school, at home, or on the lacrosse field, I rely on my values. And this Bat Mitzvah process has helped me develop a well-prioritized value system; it’s easy to make good decisions and choices, and to be the best person possible. This …

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Lienhard Cohen Family Values

Abigail Lienhard Cohen November 12, 2005 Each person has a set of values derived from family and experience. These values shape the way people think and act. My definition of a value is something that you try to include in your everyday life, or is something that goes with a belief that you have. For example, if you believe that …

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Koplow Family Values

Yoela Koplow May 23, 2009 Some of my values include humor, music, concern for the suffering of animals, compassion, love, equality/justice, and friendship. After interviewing members of my family about their values, I found that my personal values are very similar to many of my family members’ values. I will give you some background information on each family member I …

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Dyke Family Values

Emily Dyke October 25, 2009 Before coming to the City Congregation for Humanistic Judaism (or TCC), I did not know much about the Jewish religion or history. I had never gone to Hebrew school or celebrated the holidays in a religious manner. Attending TCC has provided an opportunity for me to learn more about my Jewish heritage from a secular …

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Blum Family Values

Alicia Blum May 8, 2010 Preparing a paper about my family’s values was important to me because it helped me learn more about my family’s beliefs and what is important to us. One thing my mom values is Jewish education (Chee-nuch). I also value Jewish Education because I am Jewish and would like to know my Jewish history. I have …

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Alcabes Family Values

Olivia Alcabes November 17, 2012 Identity. Really, that’s what values are. Just another branch of who we are. What’s valuable to me, what means the most to me. They’re my top priorities and sharing them means sharing who I want to be. Not only are these values things I feel like I have, but things I want to get. I …

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