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I Believe in Paying it Forward

Renee Fields This I Believe, 2009   When I was younger, much younger, I went to Girl Scout Camp. One year my favorite counselor left partway through our session. It was 1964 and she had more important things to do—she was going to volunteer with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) to help register African Americans to vote. As an …

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I Believe We Weave Our Own Red Threads

Carol Sternhell This I Believe, 2009   When my hulking hairy teenage son Ben was in first grade, his friend Noah was over at our house for a playdate. The boys were dumping out piles of Legos when Noah suddenly asked out of the blue, “Ben, are you sad that you don’t have a dad?” My heart kind of wobbled; …

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If It Hurts, You’re Not Laughing Hard Enough

Sam Maser This I Believe, 2009   As my dad lay dying, moments away from his last breath, my sister and her then boyfriend and my husband and I sat around his deathbed making jokes. My mother was in the kitchen, insisting she had to clean up from dinner, which for her mostly consists of finding precisely the right size …

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I Believe in Giving Back

Shirley Ranz This I Believe, 2009   In 1971, in my third year of college, I discovered I was two months pregnant. This came as a shock to me, not because I was ignorant of how babies are conceived, but because a year before I had taken the precaution of having an IUD implanted. I was willing to tolerate the …

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I Believe in Cities

Marty Shore This I Believe, 2009   I believe in the preservation of historic sites, buildings and parks, which create our unique neighborhoods and contribute to the character and quality of our lives in New York City. E.B. White wrote about a large willow tree in Turtle Bay. “This must be saved this particular thing, this very tree. If it were …

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I Believe Angels Walk Among Us

Bruce Ettenberg This I Believe, 2010   In September 1981 Debra, I and our two sons, Andy aged 12, Seth aged 9 and our family dog Ginger returned from an 8 week camping trip across Canada and the US. Just before the start of the school year Andy became ill and looked very pale. A visit to the pediatrician and …

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I Believe in Humor

Middy Streeter This I Believe, 2009   I believe in the power of humor. Specifically I believe in the power of humor to help solve any and all problems. Although a sense of humor can’t solve many problems by itself, what it can do is serve as an essential catalyst to enlightened thinking, which really can settle all major issues. …

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I Believe Things Happen for a Reason

Laura Finfer This I Believe, 2010   I believe that things happen for a reason. I’m not referring to destiny or spiritual determinism. Instead, I believe that with thought and the benefit of hindsight, there is something to be learned from the events we experience in our lives. I’d like to share some examples. Last year, when my son entered …

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Single Doesn’t Mean Alone

Gladys Foxe This I Believe, 2010   I believe that for some women—for me—choosing to be single can be a positive good choice. That seems a simple enough idea, but of all the decisions that I have made in my life, of all the paths I have taken, single by choice is the one that other people find the most …

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I Believe Everything Is a Test Tile

Amy Goldin This I Believe, 2010   When I agreed to write this, I honestly thought it would be easy. I “know what I know” and I am not one to prevaricate. In fact I have so many deeply held beliefs that writing this should have been a no-brainer. But the more I looked at these beliefs the less any …

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