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What we Teach

Our educational goals are enlightenment, self-discovery, critical thinking and independent thought. Our bar and bat mitzvah program is the most innovative and meaningful you’ll ever see. You are invited to see what we mean.


Jewish Preschool

Our preschool program consists of interactive parent-child classes with art, music, movement, food, and inquiry-based play activities. Children are introduced to Jewish culture, values, and symbols from a secular humanistic perspective. Read more…


Jewish KidSchool

The City Congregation’s Jewish KidSchool fosters an understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture in children five and up.


Bat & Bar Mitzvah

The City Congregation’s bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah program is unlike any other you have seen or experienced. It is tailored to each individual young person to ensure a rite of passage that is not only challenging but captivating.

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our Philosophy.

Humanistic Jews understand Judaism as the civilization, ethical values, and shared fate of the Jewish people. Encompassing many languages and a vast body of literature, art, dance, music, and food, Judaism is much more than a set of religious beliefs and practices. It is the cumulative cultural and historical experience of the Jewish people.

Provide your children with the gift of a connection to their heritage and culture.Right here in New York City!

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… our kids have gone through some really deep thinking and reflection, more importantly, self-reflection, that helps them stick out [to college admissions people].

Cynthia - Long time member and high school guidance conselor