Secularism has been one of the most significant historical processes in Jewish history from the eighteenth century until the present day. The rebellion against the religious norms and discipline demanded by the rabbinical elite, along with the skepticism and religious permissiveness of individuals and groups, may have been openly declared or kept private. In either case, it radically changed Jewish society and culture.*

Judaism Through a Secular Lense:  Humanistic Judaism

Humanistic Judaism is a secular Jewish denomination that celebrates the centrality of human judgment and human power from a uniquely Jewish perspective. As humanists we believe that reason, rather than faith, is the source of truth, and that human intelligence and experience are capable of guiding our lives. As Jews we express these beliefs through the culture and practices that have evolved over centuries of Jewish history.

*Shmuel Feiner in “The Origins of Jewish Secularization”
Penn University Press 2010