Must Jews Believe

Rabbi Sherwin Wine 1928-2007

Rabbi Sherwin Wine

It’s up to you! Humanistic Jews celebrate the centrality of human reason and responsibility, independent of supernatural authority

50% of American Jews consider themselves cultural or secular Jews, and not religious. We don’t expect a deity to answer prayers, nor do we turn to God as a source for wisdom and truth. Our services use non-theistic language that affirms the human-centered orientation of our philosophy.

Throughout history, Jewish teachings and practices have progressed to fill the needs of an ever-changing world. Because Judaism is not just a religion, but a broad civilization that embodies a wealth of cultural expressions and traditions. Humanistic Jews understand Judaism as the civilization, ethical values, and shared fate of the Jewish people. Encompassing man languages and a vast body of literature, art, dance, music, and food, Judaism is much more than a set of religious beliefs and practices. It is the cumulative cultural and historical experience of the Jewish people.