Secular Kol Nidre Services for All Jews, Secular, Atheist, Agnostic, or Believers

Secular Kol Nidre services

Kol Nidre, observed the night before Yom Kippur, derives its name from the famous melody sung at this service. Ours is an innovative program of reflection through non-theistic literature and music. We contemplate the meaning of making vows and resolutions. And we offer a dramatic presentation of a modern Jewish literary classic that explores the themes of the holidays.

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Everyone is welcome

Many of us are unabashedly atheist or agnostic. Others are comfortable with a belief in God or a higher power but live our lives with an emphasis on human responsibility. At The City Congregation’s secular High Holidays services we have all found a connection to our heritage and the wider Jewish world. We hope you will join us.