Steven Pinker

Asked if he could expand a bit on his views about Judaism and being Jewish (as an individual and as a member of a community and culture), Dr. Pinker replied:

“Like many modern Jews, my relationship to Judaism is complicated. I don’t think that ancient religious texts are a source of morality… Yet I admire Judaism’s millennia-long tradition of ethical disputation and debate. I am not a Zionist in the sense of endorsing a mystical connection between a people and a territory….I admire many things about the country, and object to the myopic denunciations and illiberal persecution (not least by certain British academics) of Israel and its citizens.”

He further adds:

“I am an atheist who personally finds many Jewish religious observances to be a bit tedious…and feel solidarity with Jewish humor, culture, and history. Complicated, perhaps even contradictory — but what could be more Jewish than that?”

The Jewish Quarterly