Strive Not…

albert-einstein-intriging-questions-01Establish a Jewish foundation for your children free of traditionally religious indoctrination.

We believe that respect, reason, critical thinking and open-minded education are the keys to a spiritually satisfying existence.

Connecting to Jewish culture in a secular, celebratory, enlightening manner IS possible!

A Jewish education embracing culture and heritage, rather than faith, IS possible!

Humanistic Judaism welcomes everyone. If you’re committed to nurturing a cultural Jewish education for your children while focusing on fairness, ethics and responsibility… our KidSchool is for you.

We’re hosting an Open House. Join us to learn more about the City Congregation of Humanistic Judaism’s KidSchool in an informal setting. We will provide a warm atmosphere, light refreshments, complimentary child care and most importantly, an opportunity for you to be embraced, understood, and learn about what we believe.

Can Humanistic Judaism fulfill your family spiritually? Find out by registering for a fall open house/information session.