Unexamined Beliefs?

Raising secular Jewish Children

is a privilege we welcome and celebrate. You are not alone in the struggle to discover what you believe and what a healthy, modern, secular Jewish life looks and feels like.

It is possible…
for your children to develop cultural literacy in Jewish holidays, traditions and history without compromising your belief system or feeling conflicted, pressured or hypocritical.

We encourage critical thinking and healthy skepticism while employing reason (rather than faith) as a guiding principal.

Join us in fostering joy, understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture in children ages five and up.

Register for our free, family-oriented Fall open house on September 9th or September 20th or simply visit our KidSchool page for further information.

Neil BotwinWe’re like a lot of mixed families. We want to raise our children with some sort of religion.
But we don’t really know what that religion looks like for us. It’s definitely not our parents’ religion.
So what does that mean?”