Songs to Move Us by Anne Shonbrun

Enjoy the beautiful voice of The City Congregation’s song leader singing Shabbat songs and other favorites.
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Side by Side by Aram Rubenstein-Gillis

Songs of Humanistic Judaism performed with members of the The City Congregation.
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One Chorus, One Family by Abe and Mickie Mandel

Traditional and contemporary songs for secular Jewish life.
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Books by Rabbi Sherwin Wine

Staying Sane in a Crazy World: A Guide to Rational Living

Finding human answers to life’s toughest questions.
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Celebration: A Ceremonial and Philosophical Guide for Humanists and Humanistic Jews

Understanding the principles and practices of Humanistic Judaism.
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A Provocative People: A Secular History of the Jews

A narrative history of Judaism’s transformation from a nation dominated by religion to one that is a champion of secularism.
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Books about Humanistic Judaism

A Life of Courage: Sherwin Wine and Humanistic Judaism

An anthology of essays about the development and message of the Humanistic Jewish movement.
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Judaism in a Secular Age: An Anthology of Secular Humanistic Jewish Thought

A primer on the inspirational and ideological roots of Humanistic Judaism.
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Basic Ideas of Secular Humanistic Judaism

An encyclopedic guide to the Humanistic Judaism movement.
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Judaism Without God?: Judaism as Culture and Bible as Literature, by Yaakov Malkin

Why Judaism is the culture of the Jewish people, not a religion.
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Judaism for Everyone… Without Dogma, by Bernardo Sorj

A look at how Judaism developed and can continue to thrive in diverse and pluralistic societies.
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Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe, by Greg Epstein

Finding morality, comfort, and hope in humanism.
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Morning Meditations: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Humanists, by Barbara Kopitz

Inspirational thoughts that affirm the power and responsibility you have to shape your own life.
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Humanist Readings in Jewish Folklore, by Bennett Muraskin

A collection of 120 Jewish folk tales that champion freedom of thought, social justice, and egalitarianism.
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Secular Judaism: Faith, Values, and Spirituality, by Yaakov Malkin

An intellectual and philosophical foundation for Humanistic Judaism.
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God-Optional Judaism: Alternatives for Cultural Jews Who Love Their History, Heritage, and Community, by Judith Seid

A secular guide to practicing Judaism.
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Humanistic Judaism

Back issues of the journal of the Society for Humanistic Judaism, covering a wide variety of topics in secular Judaism.
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The City Congregation for Humanistic Judaism

Come to one of our Spring Open Houses, meet Rabbi Schweitzer and learn more about Humanistic Judaism on May 3rd or May 17th.