Adult Perspectives

 “The December Dilemma: Jews and Christmas.”

Do you have Christmas envy?  Do you get caught up in the holiday “spirit” and the allure of online sales?  Do you observe the holiday the Jewish way, by going to a movie and eating Chinese food?  Or celebrating with non-Jewish friends and relatives?  Or would you just as soon sleep through the holiday season altogether?

How has the celebration — or commercialization — of Christmas affected Chanukah?  With the increasing numbers of interfaith/intercultural families, will “Chrismukkah” become a new holiday?

What’s with all the Christmas songs being written by Jews?!  And what do you think about co-opting Christmas melodies with Chanuka lyrics (e.g. “I’m Dreaming of a Bright Menorah” or “Have Yourself a Happy Little Chanuka”)?

Come all ye humanists and discuss these questions and more.  Moderated by Rabbi Peter.

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Dec 03 2017


03:30 PM - 05:00 PM


15 West 86th St. New York, NY