Stan Brimberg

Adult Perspectives


When is a good time for this conversation?  How do you approach it?  Do we wait for kids to bring up the subject or should we be proactive about it?  How important is it that you tell your kids your own beliefs about God?  How important is it that you steer your children off their paths and onto yours?  If there are two parents in the home, what if they don’t see things eye to eye?

TCC member Stan Brimberg has been thinking about these questions for a quite awhile.  He’ll share his thoughts and engage the audience in an exploration of their ideas and approaches to these often vexing matters.

Stan is a writer and middle school educator. Most recently, he was the Division Head of grades 5 through 8 at the Bank Street School for Children, where he previously taught 7th grade humanities for over two decades.  His career in public and private education spans almost fifty years.  He has taught on the graduate level and written extensively about curriculum development.  He has contributed original online and print curriculum materials to the Roosevelt Institute, the New York Times Learning Network, The New York City Department of Education, The Library of Congress, The National Parks Service and The New York Historical Society.


Sep 30 2018


02:00 PM - 03:15 PM


15 West 86th St. New York, NY