Talmud for secular Jews

What is the Talmud?

The Talmud, a central Jewish text, is one of the most absorbing and challenging religious reference books in the world. It is the basis for Jewish law and was recorded from oral tradition with the initial intention of memorization. Talmud teaches not only about the Jewish legal code but also discusses ethics, philosophy and customs.

Talmud from a cultural perspective.

The adjudication of interpersonal disputes provides context for understanding the ancient agricultural and herding worlds, Jewish and gentile. It provides background that can help us understand Jewishness, and what it means to be Jewish today.

Talmud popularizer, Adam Kirsch, has provided an important source for browsing typical topics and discussions.  Click here to connect to his archive in Tablet.

Check out up to two sessions, no fee, no obligation. Further classes require formal association with City CongregationClasses are held in member homes in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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May 28 2018


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM