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Cultural program:

The NYC Dickensian Disability Rights Movement:
A humanistic exploration of the first Disability Rights Movement in NYC

Warren Shaw, a NYC historian, will take us on a prequel to his previous talk about the Ashkenazi roots of the NYC Disability Rights movement–a discussion of the City’s first disability rights movement, circa 1863-1925. This movement produced the very first activism by Americans with disabilities and established the very first organizations, accommodations and public policies for people with disabilities living in the general population, yet it also gave rise to what we now call the medical model, and in some respects left people with disabilities worse off than they were to begin with, so its legacy is both precedent setting and deeply paradoxical.

Warren Shaw is a lawyer and New York City historian, and the son of two of the founders of the New York City Disability Rights movement, Mollie and Julius Shaw. His previous talk to the congregation about the Ashkenazi roots of the disability rights movement was given in October.

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May 01 2020


06:30 PM - 08:30 PM


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