Celebrate Your Daughter's Rite of Passage with a City Congregation Bat Mitzvah

  • Help your daughter strengthen her voice at this critical time in girls’ development
  • Empower your daughter through our unique blend of self-discovery, modern ritual, and tradition
  • Articulate your family’s personal beliefs while connecting with a shared Jewish culture
  • Sharpen academic skills and critical thinking

“The Bat Mitzvah program at The City Congregation is truly unique, and provided our daughter with the opportunity to research both sides of her family – their history, values and beliefs, and through this, identify a meaningful role model. 

It is the incredible mentorship component that makes the process truly special. Our wonderful mentor has become a true family friend, and supported our daughter through her kindness, compassion and warmth.

The bat mitzvah service itself was a joyous occasion – a true reflection of our families’ values. It was a platform for our daughter to share what being a Humanistic Jew means to her.

We are so grateful to have found the perfect environment in which she could grow, reflect on her roots, take on new challenges, and shine.”  Rebecca Faulkner and Adam Lubinsky

Email Isabel to see if City Congregation's program is right for your family.Learn more details about the process!