Rabbi Job Description


The City Congregation is a highly collaborative community with a lay leadership and committee system. The rabbi of TCC partners in this half-time job with an engaged congregation in four key areas: 1) education; 2) liturgy; 3) care of the congregation; and 4) organizational work.

Education includes overseeing the KidSchool and planning adult education programs for twice per month sessions, from September through June.  The liturgical area includes leading services for Shabbat (approximately two per month, same time period), Jewish holidays, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  The care of the congregation includes valuing and inspiring the congregants, helping them build and sustain a sense of community, representing them to the larger world of the Jewish community, and attending to individual pastoral needs.  Organizational work includes attendance at board meetings, advising committees, and writing as needed.  All of the work presupposes a commitment to Humanistic Judaism.


Ordained by a recognized Jewish seminary or appropriate rabbinic training

Committed to the philosophy of Humanistic Judaism

Excellent communication, leadership, interpersonal, and presentation skills, and familiarity with social media

Areas of Responsibility

I. Leadership

  1. Act as the philosophical and religious leader of the Congregation
  2. Create a culture of harmony, tolerance and inclusiveness among members and foster collaboration with other like-minded communities of all faiths and purposes
  3. Guide TCC members on their personal journeys integrating Humanistic Judaism into their lives
  4. Increase the visibility of the Congregation and bring the message of Humanistic Judaism to the larger community in NYC and beyond; act as the Congregation’s representative to the Humanistic Jewish movement
  5. Encourage participation by members in congregational activities, foster members’ sense of being valued and appreciated, and serve as an active resource in member retention
  6. Recruit new members

II. Services and Liturgy

  1. Lead High Holiday services, including liturgy and remarks/sermon
  2. Lead Passover Seder, Model Seder and other holiday observances as determined by the Board and you
  3. Lead Shabbat services
  4. Officiate at Bar/Bat Mitzvah services
  5. Work with Song Leader to integrate music into services

III. Life Cycle Events

  1. Officiate at baby namings, weddings, and funerals of members and their households, and maintain a list of referrals for use when unavailable
  2. Work with Bar/Bat Mitzvah Coordinator to prepare students for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and officiate at all services

IV. Education

  1. Lead, plan and conduct Adult Education programs (approximately two per month), including Sunday Adult Perspectives in conjunction with the Adult Perspectives Committee and others to be decided; develop Shabbat programming (approximately two per month) in conjunction with the Shabbat Committee
  2. Oversee KidSchool curriculum, supervise and train teachers; develop relationships with children by leading Kehilla Circle; participate in KidSchool classes on occasion
  3. Provide pastoral services to members, including offering comfort to the bereaved and ill
  4. Counsel members on personal issues as appropriate for the role of the Rabbi

VI. Committees

  1. Support and assist committees including but not limited to: Adult Perspectives; Bar/Bat Mitzvah; Fundraising; KidSchool; Liturgy; Publicity/Marketing; Shabbat; Social Action; Website

VII. Administration

  1. Participate as a non-voting member on the Board. Collaborate with President(s) on issues of congregational leadership, and participate as needed on committees
  2. Contribute writings to newsletter, website, and any other publications to be developed
  3. Consult on content for accuracy and appropriateness of all TCC publications, including liturgy, articles/press releases, and newsletters
  4. Participate in fundraising activities