Rabbi Search Committee

In July of 2017, the Rabbi Search Committee was formed to lead the search for a new rabbi in preparation for Rabbi Schweitzer’s upcoming retirement in June of 2018.

The members of the committee are:

Bonnie Eissner—KidSchool Committee member and parent
Sandy Farber—Past president and former board member, former KidSchool parent, mentor
Laura Finfer—Long-term member, former KidSchool parent, mentor
Isabel Kaplan, Chair—Past president, director of Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, board member, former KidSchool administrator, parent, mentor
Ray Karni—Newer member, Liturgy Committee member, regular Shabbat attendee
Jennifer Klein—Long-term member, Adult Perspectives Committee member, KidSchool parent, mentor, musical contributor
Sybil Maimin—Long-term member, board member, Liturgy and PAM Committee member, regular Shabbat attendee, member of the Interviewing Campaign
Ernie Rubinstein—Newer member, member of the Interviewing Campaign, regular Shabbat attendee
Alan Siege—Past president, Liturgy Committee member, former board member, former KidSchool parent and storyteller, mentor
Alyson Silverman-Caruso—Board member, KidSchool Committee member and parent, member of Interviewing Campaign
Ellen Weiman—Past president, board member, former KidSchool parent

The committee is currently working on the rabbi job description as well as planning two focus groups at which all congregation members are welcome and encouraged to provide their ideas about what we will look for in our new rabbi. The meetings will be on:

September 24 during KidSchool sessions at SAJ (3:30-5:15)

October 13 after the Shabbat service at St. John’s (8:15-9:30)

Any questions or concerns throughout the search process can be addressed to the committee at TCCrabbisearch@gmail.com.