Reflect, Process, and Change

City Congregation is the community that can help you attain your spiritual goals this Yom Kippur.


It is written in the Mishnah: For transgressions of one human being against another, the Day of Atonement does not atone until they have made peace with one another.

Of those we have harmed, we ask their forgiveness. May we find ways to repair our wrongs.

To those who offend against us, may we be forgiving.

And let us find the good will to show forbearance.

When the wrongs and injustices of others wound us, may our hearts not despair of human good.

May no trial, however severe, embitter our souls and destroy our trust.

When beset by trouble and sorrow, our mothers and fathers put on the armor of fortitude.

May we too find strength to meet adversity with quiet courage and unshaken will.

May we act so that injustice and hate will not forever afflict the human race, that righteousness and mercy will triumph in the end.

Now let the shout of the shofar go forth and may it herald our journey as we go forth into the New Year.