at secular holiday services kids wait for the blowing of the shofar on rosh hashanah

What is a Secular High Holiday service?

It’s a service for the way we live today, in New York City

Our holiday services combine the Jewish concept of  evaluating yourself and making atonement with secular or humanistic themes of self reliance, human responsibility and using science rather than faith as the source of truth.

How are our secular holiday services unique?

With the emergence of the secular age, and an emphasis on logic, science, and reason, the holidays have continued to evolve. New humanist themes of self- reflection and self-examination emerged alongside of traditional notions of divine judgment and divine terror. For us, these new ideas have superceded the old. We spend our time talking not to a rain god or Yahweh but to ourselves and others. For us, the High Holidays are not a fearsome time, but an opportunity for assessment, repair, change and growth. It is up to us to take advantage of them.