shabbat blessing

We appreciate light, bread, and wine on the sabbath.


On Shabbat we pause to reflect upon our yesterdays and tomorrows, to renew our ties with our families and friends, to restore our energies, to refresh our spirits.

On Shabbat we create our own moment in time.

On Shabbat we rejoice in the strength to win our daily bread, and in homes where we find refuge from the cold and the storm.

On Shabbat we treasure the bountiful earth whose fruits nourish us and sustain us in life.

On Shabbat we commemorate the first labor law ever written to guarantee workers, and even animals, a break from their toils.

On Shabbat we recall the love of mothers and fathers who have nurtured our lives, with whose blessing we have gone forth to our own work in the world.

On Shabbat we cherish the children who bless our homes, whose eager minds and hearts are the promise of tomorrow.

On Shabbat we celebrate together the end of another week and the restorative power of leisure in the company of friends.

On Shabbat we proclaim the day a delight, we rejoice in its rest, and we treasure its tranquility.