Shabbat Service Booklet

Celebrate Shabbat with friends and family, in your own home or with our members, with the City Congregation’s newly published Shabbat Service, an illustrated guide for Shabbat.  Our beautIfully illustrated Shabbat Service book includes thoughtful secular expressions of gratitude for traditional candle lighting, wine, and challah, along with quotes, songs, and more,  selected by the City Congregation Liturgy Committee.

The service delves into our values, our spirituality, and our unique Jewish cultural identity. The text reflects a sense of humor, a sense of community, and the courage and ethics that made the Jewish people who they are today.

We blend traditional Jewish literature, secular voices such as Humanistic Judaism’s founder, Rabbi Sherwin Wine, and contemporary figures such as Bob Dylan, Maya Angelou, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to paint a vivid picture of modern Jewish identity.

The Shabbat Service is an excellent companion for nonreligious and cultural Jewish celebrations. Though it updates the text to satisfy the intellectual honesty of a modern cultural, secular Jew, it preserves older melodies and traditions that connect us to our past.

shabbat service at the city congregation