Why do Humanistic Jews celebrate Passover?

As Humanistic Jews, we accept the Exodus narrative as myth, not as fact. We know that Moses couldn’t have parted the Red Sea, and we know that the ten plagues of Egypt are mostly scientifically implausible. So, why do we continue to celebrate Passover? Why continue to pass this story down through generations?

We choose to tell this story because it celebrates our forebears, ancient and modern, who’ve made the trip to freedom. We look at the story as a human drama that recognizes how our ancestors survived suffering and oppression by the virtue of fortitude and resilience, and we embrace the message that enslaved people can aspire to freedom.

City Congregation’s very own Rabbi Peter Schweitzer offers a Liberated Haggadah to guide you through a Humanistic Passover celebration. To order your very own digital copy of the Liberated Haggadah, follow the form below. Enjoy your Seder!

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