Ask Rabbi Peter!

rabbi peter schweitzer

On January 21, City Congregation will hold an informal Q&A session with Rabbi Peter, giving you the opportunity to pick the Rabbi’s brain about anything! Fill out the form below and join us at our Upper West Side location to learn more about City Congregation and the ins and outs of Humanistic Judaism.

City Congregation’s own Rabbi Peter Schweitzer ranks among the most influential and celebrated secular Rabbis in North America. As a champion of Jewish inclusiveness, Rabbi Peter is called on time and again to represent the best of Humanistic Judaism for mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and National Public Radio.

But, like most secular Jews, his journey to Humanistic Judaism is as winding and unpredictable as it is meaningful, starting in the Reform movement of the late 1970s, before serving a congregation in Indianapolis for several years. and eventually leaving the rabbinate after he began to doubt the message he was espousing. Upon returning to New York City, Rabbi Schweitzer joined the young City Congregation as a member in 1992 and took on the role of volunteer rabbi. He was officially hired for the position in 2005.

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