Secular and cultural education for adults

At The City Congregation, we believe learning is a lifelong endeavor. We offer several adult education programs that explore a wide variety of subjects in Jewish culture and history from a secular humanistic perspective. You can attend every session or just show up for the ones that interest you.

Adult Perspectives on Secular and Cultural Judaism

Our free Adult Perspectives programs are usually led by Rabbi Tzemah Yoreh or a member of the congregation with an occasional panel discussion or guest speaker. They always conclude with a lively discussion.

Adult Perspectives meets twice a month on Sundays from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM at 15 West 86th Street (SAJ) in Manhattan. There is no charge and all are welcome to attend.

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Jewish cultural programs on Shabbat

Our free Shabbat cultural presentations and discussions are held following Friday evening services. They usually feature notable guest speakers on subjects ranging from history and the arts to ethics and politics.

Shabbat services and cultural programs are held once or twice a month on Friday evenings at 7:30 PM in Manhattan. There is no charge and all are welcome to attend.

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Intermarriage Seminar

Rabbi Yoreh meets with couples individually or as a group to explore issues and concerns that can be encountered in interfaith or intercultural marriages. Email Rabbi Yoreh at [email protected] if you’d like to participate in this program.

Secular Talmud study

We offer Talmud classes for members, for more information, click here.

“…my Talmud study was an engaging session with an intellectually curious group, and a clearly experienced and knowledgeable teacher. As a law student, I appreciated the discussion and found it very thought provoking. It’s also a great way to connect further with fellow members and non-members.” Rachel Manning, member, 9-10-18

Secular Jewish Education for Adults

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