A secular cultural Jewish education

The City Congregation’s Jewish KidSchool fosters an understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture in children five and up. An alternative to traditional Hebrew school or Sunday school, we introduce the concepts and literature of classical Judaism from a secular humanistic perspective and we explore our own values and history as well.

Classes are normally held twice each month, on Sundays from 2:45 to 5:15pm at SAJ, 15 W. 86th Street in Manhattan.
Because of the Covid Pandemic, this year, classes will meet outdoors during months when the weather permits, and otherwise virtually.
See Kidschool calendar for location details and dates.

For the first year, up to the 5th grade, our program is open to both members and non member! Starting the second year, for any grade except preschool, you must be a member of The City Congregation to enroll your child in our Jewish KidSchool.
Jewish Preschool, for twos, threes and fours with a parent, remains open to members and non-members.

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Goals and values of a secular Jewish Sunday school

At Jewish KidSchool we:
  • foster joy in our children’s Jewish education and nurture a cultural connection to their Jewish heritage.
  • introduce our children to the principles, beliefs, and practices of Humanistic Judaism.
  • develop cultural literacy in Jewish holidays, literature, and history and familiarize our children with different approaches to Judaism.
  • encourage critical thinking and healthy skepticism in an atmosphere of respectful and open discussion.
  • respect the dignity of each student’s unique learning style.
  • engage children in an exploration of their values and beliefs.
  •  teach our children to respect the right of all people to be treated with fairness and equality and to recognize a responsibility to speak out against injustice.

Jewish Sunday School for Kids

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Our educational philosophy

At The City Congregation we share the commitment to education that has been one of the core values of Jewish civilization for centuries. As Humanistic Jews we use critical thinking to assess all claims to truth. While we believe that it is important for our children to become familiar with the Hebrew Bible and other ancient texts we do not automatically accept them as authoritative. We subject them to the same scrutiny we would apply to any body of knowledge.

We believe that learning should be substantive and also fun. When there are no expectations, there is little progress. And when there is little enjoyment, there can be little motivation.

We believe that education takes place not just in formal class settings but in unstructured conversation and social encounters. Students and parents are always encouraged to take part in our community celebrations and observances.

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Families arrive on Sundays at 2:45 for snacks and schmoozing. At 3:00 we begin our half-hour kehilla (community) circle which is a spirited time of singing and sharing for all KidSchool students, parents, and teachers. Adult members without children in the KidSchool are most welcome to join in.

Classes divided by grade run from 3:30 PM to 5:15 PM. Younger children learn through discussion, games, and hands-on art projects. Older children add creative writing, debate, and chart-making. Age-appropriate subjects range from Yiddish sayings and Jewish jokes to Jewish strategies for survival.

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“True, we occasionally question our sanity when we schlep into the city every other Sunday afternoon for KidSchool but we are always delighted that we did.” — David

Education is a lifelong endeavor.

While children are in the KidSchool, parents are strongly encouraged to join other members of the congregation for our free adult education classes, which take place at the same time. Adult participation demonstrates to children the importance of belonging to a Jewish community, and that learning is a lifelong endeavor.

Bar and bat mitzvah program

Our Jewish KidSchool is the ideal (though not required) preparation for our secular bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah classes. These last for two years, and typically begin when students are in the sixth or seventh grade.

Our teachers are professional educators and social workers with significant training and education in Jewish studies. Members of the congregation with experience in education serve as consultants.

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