Shabbat at The City Congregation

The City Congregation holds Shabbat celebrations once or twice a month on Friday evenings at 7:30 PM at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 81 Christopher Street, in the West Village. Each Shabbat includes a 30-40 minute service followed by a presentation about a Jewish cultural topic, a pot-luck dessert, and time for schmoozing. Guests are always welcome to attend our free Shabbat celebrations.

Secular Shabbat services

The essence of Shabbat is deeply compatible with our humanistic philosophy: to create a special moment in time when we set aside the work of our daily lives and rejuvenate our spirit for the week ahead. Our services combine modern readings, our own humanistic blessings, and original songs as well as familiar melodies with lyrics that have been adapted to reflect our humanistic beliefs.

Secular Shabbat Service

Jewish cultural programs

The City Congregation honors the Shabbat tradition of Jewish learning by holding presentations and discussions on a wide variety of subjects, from history and the arts to ethics and politics. Whether led by Rabbi Tzemah Yoreh, members of the congregation, or notable guests, these Jewish cultural programs are always fascinating, informative, and fun (and free!)


Free children’s Shabbat program

Free childcare for kids five and older is available at all our Shabbat celebrations. Young children who don’t wish to join their parents for the adult services or cultural program can head to our kids’ room for singing, games, and simple arts and crafts.