Shabbat Service and Cultural Program

7:30 service

Cultural program: Who was Saul Alinsky?

Saul Alinsky, described by William F Buckley, jr., as  “close to an organizational genius,” remains a brilliant social justice strategist to some, an advocate for a Godless, centrally controlled distopia to others, and a misguided false prophet of populist organizing to still others.

City Congregation member Dan Wyman, a community organizer for 3 years in an Alinksy-model community organization in rust-belt New England in the 1990s, will speak about the life and lessons of this Orthodox-raised Chicagoan whose tactics have inspired countless grassroots organizers, from Cesar Chavez to Tea Party leader Michael Patrick Leahy.

We’ll discuss, together, the relevance of Alinsky’s focus on disruption, self-interest, and relationships to build power, and what these ideas mean for City Congregation and other religious and community groups in the new decade.

After the program, please stay for our pot luck desserts and schmoozing. We’ll provide wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

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Feb 07 2020


07:30 PM - 09:30 PM


Midtown Shabbat location
109 East 39th Street Manhattan, New York NY 10016, USA