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Yom Hashoah testimony – Rabbi Dr. Aliza Erber

This year at TCC’s Holocaust memorial Rabbinic Pastor Dr. Aliza Erber will offer testimony and learning on survival during the Holocaust. Rabbi Erber was born in Holland during WWII. Her family was forced into hiding, as was Aliza. She survived for almost two years in a bunker underneath the ground somewhere in the Dutch woods on a diet of grasses and roots. Eventually the bunker was discovered by Nazi patrols and had to be evacuated. In 1945 only half of the Netherlands was liberated by the Allies, so Aliza had to be smuggled to freedom. She was reunited with her mother after the war and grew up in Israel. Her father, Richard Levy, was murdered at Auschwitz.

Rabbi Erber feels very strongly that at this stage of her life that speaking/ teaching about the Holocaust has become her responsibility. The number of survivors is dwindling rapidly and soon will be all gone.
Dr. Erber is a rabbinic pastor, college professor, Hebrew teacher, playright, actor, and former podiatric physician. But most importantly, she teaches the sixth grade at our KidSchool and she is a member of the Holocaust Speakers Bureau.

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Apr 17 2020


07:30 PM - 09:30 PM


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