Reflect, Process, and Change

City Congregation is the community that can help you attain your spiritual goals this Rosh Hashanah.

On Rosh Hashanah we reflect on MEANING TO OUR FLEETING DAYS :

Who are we? What are we? A leaf in the storm, a fleeting moment in the flow of time, a whisper lost among the stars.

We are tenants in the house of life; our days on earth are but a span.

Time, like a river, rolls on, flowing year after year into the sea of eternity.

Its passing leaves bitter memories of hours misspent.

Now they come back to accuse us, and we tremble to think of them.

But conviction and purpose give meaning to our fleeting days, treasured teaching guides us, unquestioning love sustains us.

May we have the knowledge and strength to live responsibly.

May we be released from bondage to the past; released from the stranglehold of bad habits, making ourselves free to start afresh.

Let this be for us the beginning of a new season of life and health.

May we be liberated from the fear of death and from the scornful laughter that mocks our labors.

Though our lives be short, let them be full. May our mortal days endure as eternal moments.