Welcome Rabbi Yoreh!
rabbi tzemeh yoreh

The Rabbi Search Committee is excited to announce that on Monday night the Board voted to hire Rabbi Tzemah Yoreh to be TCC’s next rabbi.  After ten months of researching, gathering input from you, and assessing candidates, we are so pleased that this process led him to us.

Rabbi Yoreh was ordained as a Humanistic rabbi by the Israeli affiliate of the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. He has a doctorate in modern biblical criticism and years of experience as a professor in this field, in both Israel and North America. He has authored an extensive body of Humanistic liturgy and is a poet as well. Rabbi Yoreh is also a resident at CLAL, the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. Upon learning of his selection he said, “I am excited to meet everyone and feel honored to have been chosen as the new rabbi of this unique congregation”.

We will be planning some welcoming events for the summer and fall.  Rabbi Yoreh will begin to get to know us informally now and start officially on July 1st. Please join us in welcoming Rabbi Yoreh into our community.

-The Rabbi Search Committee