Pass on your heritage and beliefs

At City Congregation's secular Jewish KidSchool, children learn a love of Jewish culture as well as the value of critical thinking in the pursuit of truth. Raise your kids to be part of an ancient civilization and the modern world at the same time.

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Judaism for the way we live now

Beyond “just Jewish,” the Humanistic movement is an expression of secular Judaism that celebrates human reason and human judgment. It is the continuing evolution of the culture and practices that have sustained and uplifted the Jewish people for centuries.

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A bar or bat mitzvah unlike any other

City Congregation has the meaningful and engaging bar or bat mitzvah experience your child deserves. Our individually tailored program gives secular Jewish teenagers a deep, personal, and lasting link to their heritage.

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Our services speak your language

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand at City Congregation’s joyful Friday evening Shabbat celebrations. Familiar melodies and values. Modern practices you can understand and stand behind. Plus fascinating cultural programs.

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Holidays for secular Jews

Join us for beautiful and moving celebrations that express traditional holiday themes while honoring human reason and dignity. We combine familiar passages with innovative language for holidays everyone can share.

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Welcome to The City Congregation for Humanistic Judaism, New York's home for secular and cultural Jews. Join a diverse and vibrant community where you can celebrate your heritage, refresh your spirit, and nourish your mind — without compromising your beliefs.

      May 21 Open House

      Are you wondering what Humanistic Judaism is all about? Thinking about a unique Bar or Bat Mitzvah program for your child? Looking for a welcoming secular Jewish community for yourself?

      You are invited to attend one of our Spring Open Houses/Information Sessions where Rabbi Peter Schweitzer will introduce you to Humanistic Judaism, your children (and you) can attend our KidSchool classes, and where you can schmooze with members.

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      MAY 19 Traveling Jewish?

      Join us for our Shabbat service followed by the program “Traveling Jewish”. When you take a trip do you visit local synagogues, Jewish historical sites, neighborhoods, monuments and/or memorials? A few of our members will briefly share their travel experiences. We will then open the floor to our usual provocative audience discussion.

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      May 21 Where We Are Now
      Where We Are Going

      Paul Golin, Executive Director, Society for Humanistic Judaism, our national organization, and a member of City Congregation, will discuss the state of the Secular Humanistic Judaism movement nationally and the role we play as a major congregation of the movement.

      Register now to join Paul for this important discussion.

      Is City Congregation the right place for you?
      • Are you a humanist, freethinker, agnostic, or atheist?
      • Believe in a higher power but not traditional prayer?
      • Want to raise your kids Jewish but not religious?
      • Say what you believe and believe what you say
      • We embrace interfaith and multicultural families
      • An LGBT-friendly community