By October 31, 2018 February 12th, 2019 Rabbi Tzemah's Blog

Let the names of those who perished be magnified, made special, remembered : Emet

In this [imperfect] world which we did not create, let us take counsel, let us choose worthy leaders, let us bring our own salvation.

In your life and the life of all who dwell in this world, in the near and auspicious future, and let us say: Emet

Let there be peace, in the name of our brethren who have died, and life for us, for all of Israel, and upon all of the world, and let us say: Emet

Let us fix the world, for us and for all of humanity, and let us say: Emet

Yitgadal veYitkadash veYiddachar Shmehon rabba: Emet

Be-alma de-la yitbera birootenu, nee-malekh ba-atsotenu

Natzmi-ach poorkanenu ve-nekarev meshicheinu.

Be-chayechon – uveyomechon uve-chay-yay de-chol yatvei alma, ba-agala u-vizman kariv ve-eemru: Emet

Yeheh shlamah rabba beshem metaya denan, ve-chay-yim ale-nu ve’al kol Yisra-el ve-imru: Emet

Netakken et ha-olam, avurenu ve-avur kol ha-adam ve-imru: Emet